I am an ever-curious ecologist and coder focused on the spatial dynamics and impacts of harvesting wild animals. With research projects spanning from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia to the coast of Atlantic Canada, I seek to understand:

  1. what drives spatial patterns of harvest?
  2. how can we sustainably manage harvests even when data are scarce?
  3. how can we leverage technology and software to ensure sustainable harvesting?

Using tools like spatial movement models, ecological simulations, quantitative and Bayesian decision-support tools, and socioeconomic analysis, I research how technical tools can help conservationists balance subsistence with sustainability.

When I’m not being a code monkey, you can find me teaching introductory programming and ecology, biking, or watching Star Trek.

Here you can find more information about my research projects, experience and education, as well as some blog posts about using open-source software for teaching and research.

This website is a work in progress. Last edited on August 13, 2019